Trudy Dixon helped change our lives! We have a child with special needs and she created and adapted ways to help him stay active, gain strength, build on skills and grow his confidence. She even got him to participate in a triathlon! He swam, rode a bike and walked with various “able body” participants. My son, Yasin, has a rare progressive neurological condition called Friedreich’s Ataxia and as a result of the disease his body is slowly deteriorating. He was a child that could run. He presently uses a wheelchair for mobility. Trudy helped him learn to do things differently and challenged him to do more. She truly works hard to help improve lives of children with special needs. She thinks outside the box and makes sure to keep you motivated to keep going. We truly miss her and wish she was geographically closer so that she could continue to work with Yasin.

Caledon, ON, Canada

I met Trudy while she was training my teenage daughter for a kids of steel triathlon. I have been diagnosed with MS for over 28 years. I have been using a manual wheelchair for 6 years. Trudy has helped me stay mobile in so many ways!
Trudy’s knowledge of massage and muscles helped me improve my training success. She has helped me attain some pretty tough physical goals as well as educating me how to stay safe and avoid injury. Her cheery hard ass positive attitude gets the job done and goals achieved. Truly a SuperWoman ❤️

Tamara Limebeer
MS 28yrs
Caledon, ON, Canada

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