At Make Time fundamentally, we are trainers. Trainers in health, nutrition and lifestyle.

That's how a successful goal is achieved. 80% Nutrition 20% exercise/lifestyle.

Personal Training

A Personal trainer is no longer just for Elite athletes or Hollywood stars.  Everyone and their mother has a trainer. Why?

Because trainers hold you accountable to YOUR GOALS!  If you tell us you want to lose 10lbs. We will get you there.  If you want to run a marathon. We will get you there.

Whether it is a personal training session or your training with a friend. Each program is structured around the time that you have, your limitations and goals.

Each session is usually an hour long, can be at your place of work or a mutual location. Inside or outside.

Some equipement is needed for home visits, as we like to leave you with 'homework' that you can continue with long after we have gone.

Personal training is safe, effective and at all times motiviating as you reach closer to the goals that you set yourself.


Nutrition Planning

With obesity at an all time worldwide high, it surprises me with all the knowledge out there how this can be.

And that is the problem.  There is too much conflicting articles.

Here at Make Time, we keep it simple.  Just how mother nature intended.

With a nutrition program, we can help you clear out your fridge and cupboards and re-educate you on what are the best items to have in the house.

Learning to read labels is a huge part of this and we shall teach you the best way to identify the good the bad and the downright ugly side of labeling.

Meal plans, menu ideas and quick simple meals are the final outcome to learning how to feed your family, yourself and stay healthy for life.


Body Mechanics

Keeping the body moving well can be a challenge with todays lifestyles.  At Make Time Personal Training, we make it that bit easier. By being mobile, the trainer can come to you. In the comfort of your own home, get a tailor made program designed around how your body is functioning at this moment.


Online Wellness Programs

Varying over several weeks, depending on your goals and what your trying to acheive. 6 week intense program, is just that. Intensive, strict and ideal for those that want to get shredded quickly. Both 8 and 12 week programs deal more with lifestyle changes so that the NEW way stays with you, without restricting any foods. If your unsure of which one to choose, let's chat.


Specialized Programs

Are you looking for something totally unique to you?

Attempting a Triathlon?

Want to know why your training is hurting you?

Need to know the best foods to eat for training?

What ever YOUR goal, Make Time has the solution.